Australian Food Hubs Network

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Australian Food Hubs Network

The Australian Food Hubs Network was formed in order to undertake the Casey Food Hub scoping project and has now extended into a community of practice, supporting the establishment of socio-ecological food hubs in Australia. 

The AFHN is a collaboration of individuals from diverse backgrounds, who are bound by a set of commonly agreed values and principles (below), and by the vision of fair, sustainable and resilient food systems for all Australians.

You can follow the work of AFHN on Food Hub projects around Australian on Facebook and Twitter (@AusFoodHubs)

“We recognise the severity of the many social, ecological and economic challenges our food systems face, locally, nationally and globally. We are convinced of the urgent need for transformative changes in these systems.

The AFHN’s objectives are:

  • to work for the establishment and successful operation of an expanding number of multifunctional Food Hubs in diverse locations around Australia
  • to promote multifunctional Food Hubs as a dynamic and community-driven means of scaling up local food initiatives such as farmers’ markets, community gardens and community-supported agriculture
  • to participate in the preparatory work of establishing Food Hubs, and to disseminate as widely as possible the lessons learned from their establishment and operation

Values & Principles:

  • A fair price for farmers
  • Fair food for all – food security / food sovereignty: access, availability, affordability, rights & dignity, mobilising citizenship
  • Recognition of the urgency of the need for genuine alternatives
  • Recognition of the need to scale up local food initiatives
  • Building community and relationships: care and responsibility around food
  • Re-skilling for resilience and sustainability
  • Engaging and inspiring: nurturing leadership and creativity
  • Openness and generosity: contributing to the common knowledge base; ideas are shared on creative commons licence
  • Fostering social enterprise & entrepreneurship: ‘ecologic’: balance the social, ecological and economic imperatives
  • Risk-sharing principle: cross-subsidisation
  • Risk-taking: happy to fail
  • Work is paid, people’s knowledge and experience are honoured