Eaterprises is excited!

……that its only one more sleep to Eco City Melbourne Food Forum!

Kirsten will be giving a taster of all things Eaterprises and Open Food Web Foundation at tonight’s lightening talks session. 

And then we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and talk and listen and generally have fun…in equal measure on Friday!   Here’s 10 things we’re particularly excited about at the moment:

1)  Food Hubs and generally exploring new options / forms for distribution.  Pilots!

2) Online food hubs / trading – of course 😉

3) New/young farmers – Tanya Massey onto this!  1) Setting up a network like Greenhorms; creative/options for land access; sustainable & practical farmer education..

4) Processing:  On-farm meat processing- herdshare OR farm/communtiy owned local or on-farm abbatoirs/processing?  Also distributed home processing / micro home based businesses – particularly in the ‘burbs.

5) Investment: potential to direct self-managed superannuation into fair/sustainable food.  And of course Robert’s work with Slow Money, new investment vehicles and Farmland trusts.

6) Information – sustainable farming knowledge bank (go hsuhan!) and check this out: And of course our friends at

7) Assuring quality – creative alternatives to costly/centralised accreditation – this is at the heart of Open Food Network’s commitment to transparency. Food Connects’ participatory farmer accreditation is pioneering here and there’s also other exciting projects brewing eg Sue at

8) Open source and food – its not all about online trading! e.g Growstuff and Raf’s awesome work re distributed “bank” of food plant genetic material

9) Eating:  We are passionate about affordable high protein, nutrient dense, healthy meals (Weston A Price / GAPS compliant) from Victorian farms: who wants to help us crowdsource recipes?

10) Helping on-ground projects overseas: our faves are Agile Development Groups work in SE Asia, Sustainable Table’s composting loos in Africa and saving agri-biodiversity in the Ukraine.