GV Food Coop offer to Heinz refused . .

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GV Food Coop offer to Heinz refused . .

This is a really good opportunity to show your support for multi-functional Food Hubs in Australia – please show your support for the Goulburn Valley Food Co-op by ‘liking’ this page. Make sure Heinz knows how many people know what’s going on and what we think of it! 

Extremely annoying news! that Heinz have rejected the $750,000 GV Cooperative offer for its tomato processing plant at Girgarre. The Cooperative has been getting strong feedback from the feasibility study consultant and is sure there is a market for tomato and other GV fruit-based goods – especially if marketed and sold from a community owned asset! Check out these pics of the proposed Food Hub

“It seems strange that Heinz have rejected our offer without explanation.” Graham Truran Finance Manager for the GV Food Cooperative said today.  “One must question their motives. Employees have been retrenched, suppliers and contractors have lost a valuable revenue stream and we are fast approaching the time when farmers need to plan their next harvest. The community is relying on us. It would have been great to conclude this deal with Heinz. ”

If you’re not sure what a Food Hub is or might look like, look here.