Values and Principles

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Our Values tell you about who we really are . .

Authenticity: we say what we mean and do what we say

Audacity: we’re aiming for big change – we aim high and take risks

Humility: we actively seek advice and feedback and respect experience

Celebration: our work is joyful; fun and creative – we celebrate life, good food, vibrant landscapes and wonderful people!

Good work: we value self-determination and rewarding, meaningful and useful work that connects heads, hearts and hands.

These principles guide our work:

Connection: We join forces – building strength, confidence and impact through aligned partnerships and networks

Attention: We ask and listen to learn what is possible for people, places and context. We are alert and responsive to rapidly changing circumstances

Effectiveness: We work for impact and delivery, getting it done and making a difference

Open Knowledge: We believe that ideas and knowledge are commons. We will strive to make what we know and learn openly available to everyone

Recognition: We expect and offer fair reward for work