CSFC Farm Tour – Hain Ranch Organics

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CSFC Farm Tour - Hain Ranch Organics

Hain Ranch Organics runs a pastured poultry system (adapted from Joel Salatin approach), under / throughout an existing walnut orchard.

Things that were most noticeable about this for me:

  • They do their own slaughter (‘disassembly’), but under Californian regulations this means they can only sell direct to consumers online and through CSA type models, not through farmers markets or to restaurants. There is a high level of difficulty as people in different states work out exactly how they can make these systems work for them in a constantly changing (and inconsistently applied) regulatory environment.
  • Also adaptations of a model to suit their own needs. Key adaptation for the Hains is that they do have wheels on their pens (see image below) – in contrast to Salatin’s decision that they’re not worth it for him (i.e. no need to be religious about these things – do what works for you!)