McGuinness Run Olives, Wooragee

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McGuinness Run Olives, Wooragee

“McGuinness Run Olives” is a 30ha property in Wooragee which backs onto the Chiltern- Mt Pilot National park. We have 800 olives trees and also run cattle and sheep as well as poultry.

Tony and Mary run the farm with the aim of being self-sufficient for their food supplies whilst having the least impact on the environment as possible. We have owned our property for 13 years now and in that time we have planted thousands of trees along our creek lines to protect the creek-banks, keep the water clean and to provide shelter belts for local wild life as well as establishing the olive groves.

The olive grove is run under strict organic principles although we do not have any official certification. The olives are all hand-picked and then pressed within 24 hours using a traditional press to produce an extra-virgin, cold-pressed oil of excellent quality. Olive varieties grown include Corregiolla, Frantoia, Nevadillo blanco and Manzanilla.

Harvest time – Tony & Chris picking and Mary collecting crates of olives with the tractor. To enable the quick turn-around time between picking and pressing we rely on family and friends coming to help with the harvest.