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This is one of the coolest things we’ve uncovered in the last little while.  Wholeshare seems to be in beta testing phase and originates in the US.  From their website:

“At its core, Wholeshare has two major components: an online marketplace and online group ordering. The marketplace allows people to find out what collective purchasing options are available in their area. Once connected to a wholesale seller, consumers are able to place orders right on the site. Unlike your standard online ordering system, Wholeshare is focused on group purchasing: It automatically aggregates individual orders and payment into one group order. Doing so gives consumers their own individual shopping experience while allowing sellers to treat the group as a single wholesale client”.

This function could make the lives of food coops participants a whole lot easier!!  It collates orders automatically and you can watch a bar increase with each order til it reaches minimum amount required to place bulk order (and much more!)

Best way to get a feel for it is to watch this neato 4 min promo